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McCurdy's Comedy Theatre Sarasota, Fl     (Jan 1-2)           

Bonkerz Comedy Club Ocala, Fl      (Jan. 7-8)                                                           

Bonkerz Comedy Club Deland, Fl   (Jan 14-15)

Visani's Comedy Club    Port Charlotte, Fl   (Jan. 19, 20, 21, 22)

Cowboys of Dothan    Dothan, Al      (Jan. 27, Feb. 10)

Charter Comedy      Mobile, Al     (Jan. 28)

Citie's     Crystal River, Fl    (Jan. 29)

Tampa Improv       Tampa, Fl    (Jan. 30)

Bonkerz Jai Alai    Orlando, Fl    (Feb. 4-5)

Post Time Bonkerz      Longwood, Fl    (Feb. 18-19)

Metro West Bonkerz   Orland, Fl        (Feb. 25-26)

Daytona Beach Bonkerz         Daytona Beach, Fl             (March 25-26)

Boardwalk Bonkerz   East Orlando, Fl               (April 8-9)

Snapper's Comedy Club   Palm Harbor, Fl         (April 11, April 16)

Chubby's     Valdosta, Georgia                (April 13, July 20)

Winner's Circle           Lakeland, Fl            (April 22)

Bowling Alley     Ft. Myer's, Fl           (May 8)

Groucho's       Cocoa Beach, Fl          (June 10)

Groucho's       Ft. Pierce, Fl           (June 11)

Bonkerz      Ocala, Fl              (July 15-16)

Soldier City Saloon       St. Cloud, Fl         (July 28)

Groucho's       Melbourne, Fl             (Aug 6)

Whimpy's Jailhouse       Deland, Fl           (Aug 13)

Bonkerz         Altamonte Springs, Fl          (Aug 19-20)

Bonkerz               East Orlando, Fl          (Sept 2-3)

Bonkerz         Jacksonville, Fl            (Sept 8-10)

Bonkerz         Daytona Beach, Fl        (Oct 7-8)

Dupont Bar and Grille        Ft. Wayne, In         (Oct. 21-22)

Cowboy's of Dothan        Dothan, Al             (Oct 27)

Bonkerz        Daytona Beach, Fl         (Dec. 16-17)

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